Serendipity Emporium / Bizarre Wigs UK

'Serendipity - a unplanned, fortuitous discovery'
Welcome to Serendipity Emporium, the home of Precious Playthings, The Old Bag Lady, The GB Stamp Center, and the popular wig store Bizarre Wigs UK. 

Precious Playthings has 13 years of experience dealing with a variety of dolls ranging from 1930s composite to current day fashion dolls.  Along with vintage collectable dolls and toys, Precious Playthings also brings something for the kids.

The Old Bag Lady brings her extensive collection of pre-loved quality handbags including real leather and designer.

The GB Stamp Center is available at the main desk and upon request. 

Bizarre Wigs UK has been gaining popularity online for the last 2 years.  If you want for a new hairstyle or new colour without a visit to the hairdressers, come visit us today and see our beautiful wigs including ombres and heat resistant fibre.  Wigs available for everyday wear and cosplay.

Within the emporium you will also find a selection of china, crystal and other interesting and collectable items.

Come find something wonderful you hadn't expected.

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