The Thai Ambassador and his Wife Visit Battlesbridge

The Thai Ambassador and his Wife Visit Battlesbridge

Princess clears the shelves in antiques raid: Thai royal spends EIGHT HOURS - and at least £20,000 - buying treasures at arcade (and carries them off in 15-car convoy)

Princess Consort Srirasmi and her entourage arrived at Battlesbridge antiques and craft centre in a fleet of chauffeur-driven limousines to make multiple purchases. 

Jim Gallie managed to have a chat with the Ambassador and his wife to find out they had visited the Antique Village before and loved it.

To find out more about the visit and to see photos of the shops at Battlesbridge visit Daily Mail Newspaper.

Post Author: Emma Godard

Emma Godard

How lovely that they love Battlesbridge Antique Village, hopefully they will visit again.

Post Author: Jim Gallie

Jim Gallie

We are constantly looking to buy all things old and interesting.  We specialise in complete house contents and clearance.  Before contacting the Charity shops or doing a boot sale and certainly before hiring in a skip see what we can offer.  Then if you are feeling charitable give the cash to charity!
We are particularly looking for retro items, clothing, books and ornaments, old tools and garden equipment as well as the more obvious furniture, gold and silver etc etc.

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