Buddha Bar Boutique

My background has been travelling to and guiding groups in China and Tibet for the last 27 years, teaching both Western and Chinese people about both Sino-Tibetan antiques and culture and Buddhism.  At the last visit I was the only Westerner allowed to guide groups around Tibetan sacred sites such as the Potala Palace without a Chinese or Tibetan escort.
The aim of the units is to bring the sense of Tibet and its people to Battlesbridge through the items on view and the photos.  I have attached some here taken on that last visit including yours truly at Everest Base Camp (Qomolangma) and others in and around Lhasa. 
We have a website to go with the units which shows the unit and other things but is still in the process of being developed.  We will be selling original photos in the unit in due course as well.

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